Our Primary Services include-

  • Domestic, Stock and Irrigation Water Well including sand spears

  • Coal and Hard Rock Exploration

  • Groundwater Monitoring including Vibrating Wire Piezometers (VWP) and Water Testing

  • Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction including Dewatering Bores and Soil Sampling

  • Water Well Rehabilitation Services

  • Project Site Water Supply Bores 


Key Drilling Methods include-

  • Rotary Air and Rotary Mud up to 1000m

  • Wire-line Diamond Core PQ, HQ, NQ

  • Conventional Core 8C, 4C, HMLC

  • Reverse Circulation

  • Down Hole Hammer

  • Down Hole Motor


Our multi-purpose equipment is set up to drill all types of ground conditions from hard rock

to sand and gravel. This combined with diverse experience in a broad range of drilling

environments allows us to provide you, our client, with solutions to overcome challenging geological conditions.



Our equipment is set up to provide exploration drilling services to coal or hard rock clients either locally or remote locations including camp quarters for drill crew and tilt tray for transport services.  With modern features such as fire suppression, automated rod handling and wireless emergency shut down our equipment is fit for purpose and well maintained.



JMDrilling provide licensed water well drilling services to QLD and interstate.  This includes groundwater monitoring bores, stock bores, irrigation bores and domestic bores.  Our team has experience with installing VWP’s and we have extensive experience with water bores drilled in sand and gravel drilling conditions.  We are also available to provide bore redevelopment services with a view to extending the life of your water supply.



As well as geotechnical, environmental and construction drilling our team is able to provide other services within the drilling industry such as integrated service provision, drilling certificate assessment and project management services.




Your company drilled a hole in some difficult large gravel beds that another contractor couldn’t, thank you very much


Cattle Farmer

Stock Bore, Calliope